The Mental Health and Recovery Services (MHRSB) of Lucas County Board of Directors develop and implement policies and procedures that provide direction and guidance for the Board in exercising its functions as mandated or allowed by law. Policies are established when appropriate and reviewed when significant changes in law or events occur, or at least every three years.

    Last Updated 4/5/2017


    Privacy and Security – HIPAA

    Breach Assessment & Notification of Privacy or PHI Client Rights to Accounting of Disclosures of PHI Sanctions for Breach of Privacy and Security of PHI
    Client Authorization for Use Disclosure of PHI Clients Right to Restrict Use-Disclosure of PHI Use of Client PHI for Treatment, Payment & Operations
    Client Right to Access Inspect and Copy PHI Clients Rights to Request an Amendment of Record Use-Disclosure of PHI to Bus Associates
    Client Right to Request Confidential Communication from Board Facility Security
    Client Rights and Grievances Privacy Training for Board Employees

    Finance and Operations

    Account Reconciliation Agency Services Rate Changes
    Board Expenditures Approval Board Financial Statements Audit Board Operating Budget
    Board Payments Cash Receipts Contract Administration
    Contract Advances Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Enrollment Update in Claims Processing Member Enroll Platfor
    Fiscal Monitoring Fixed Assets Liability Insurance
    MACSIS Operations Operating Fund Balance Preservation Payor of Last Resort – First Party Payor Subsidy
    Personal Service Agreements Property Inventories for Agency Capital Provider Eligibility for Board Funded Services
    Public Records Retention Purchasing Request for Proposals
    Uncollectible Accounts Receivable Withholding Payments Claims Processing Member Enrollment Platform Operations


    Mission and Programs

    Access to Services Continuity of Care Non-Discrimination Funded Agencies and Services
    Accreditation/Certification Continuous Quality Improvement – Board Non-Licensed Housing
    After Hours Access Continuous Quality Improvement – Providers Prohibition Against Use of Hazardous Procedures
    Client Rights & Grievances Designation of Health Officers Relationship with Contract Agencies
    Clinical Eligibility for Board Funded Treatment Services Eligibility for Board Funded Housing & Housing Supports
    Confidentiality of Client Information Emergency Crisis Intervention Services & Eligibility
    Consumer Focused Provider Network Incident Notification
    Consumer Protection from Monetary Transactions  Levels of Clinical Need Policy
    Consumer Protection from Termination of Svcs Mission-Vision Statements & Values


    Board Committees and Subcommittees Executive Director Responsibilities and Duties Public Meetings
    Board Committee and Sub-committee Membership and Leadership Hiring Executive Director Public Relations and Information
    Board Membership Expectations and Responsibilities Interim Executive Director Open Meetings Policy Compliance
    Board, Committee and Sub-committees Meetings Legislative Mandates Community Forums
    Board Organization Letters of Endorsement
    Citizen Participation in Planning Planning, Review and Reporting
    Communication with News Media and Public Promulgation of Policies and Procedures
    Consumer Recommendations and Advice Public Access to Board Records
    Election and Duties of Officers of the Board Public Meetings Policy Compliance

    Human Resources

    Affirmative Action Program Internet Use Recruitment & Hiring – Employees
    Alcohol & Drug Free Workplace Jury Duty or Attendance as Witness Resignation
    Anti-Harrassment Layoff Secondary Employment
    Board Property Leave Donation Sick Leave
    Crisis-Emergency Management Plan Leave Without Pay Staff Evaluation and Development
    Disciplinary Action – Classified & Unclassified Employees Military Duty-Pay Wage and Salary Administration
    Employee Death No Smoking Policy Whistleblower
    Equal Employment Opportunity Non-Healthcare Related Benefits Work Hours and Absenteeism
    Expense Policy Non-Retaliation Workplace Safety
    Family & Medical Leave Orientation of New Employees
    Health Benefits  Diversity and Inclusion
    Initiation, Maintenance Release & Retention of Info from Personnel Records Personnel
    Intern Reasonable Accommodation (ADA)