The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services has recently announced two capital funding opportunities as described in the attached letter from Mr. Doug Bailey dated July 20, 2017.  It is MHRSB’s responsibility to prepare a response to the letter, however input from the provider community is needed in order to do so.

    The first opportunity is a statewide pool of $20 million for Recovery Housing.   The funds are for capital projects and do not cover any operational expenses.  The state intends to provide 75% of the cost of each approved project (up to $500,000).  MHRSB has not allocated any money for the match, but Board staff intends to recommend to the Board of Trustees an allocation pool of  $125,000 to match one-half of the remaining 25%.  It is anticipated that the sponsoring provider will be responsible for the other half of the local match.  As noted in their letter, OhioMHAS will be placing priority on projects that serve specific populations such as families, transition age youth, veterans, or those with dual MH/AOD diagnoses.  MHRSB will place the highest priority on projects that expand capacity in the community. 

    MHRSB’s goal is to increase recovery housing capacity by 50 beds.  If you are interested in applying for funds to develop any or all of that capacity, please complete the form entitled “FY 18 Capital Request-Recovery Housing” that is attached to the email and also include a brief write-up for your project including your plan to fund the operations once the capital needs are met.  MHRSB has not allocated any operating funds for new recovery housing, but may be willing to consider it if the project is expanding capacity in the system.  When you have completed the form and write-up, please mail them to Mark Robinson (, Manager of Recovery Support Services, by August 25, 2017.

    The second opportunity is for the FY 19-20 biennial capital submission.  OhioMHAS priority projects are those that expand supportive housing, can leverage other sources of funding, provide space for consumer/peer/recovery coach services, or for other mental health or AOD program space.  Further, the department usually gives preference to projects that are “shovel ready” and already have matching funds secured.  For these projects, OhioMHAS will match 50% of the cost; MHRSB has not allocated any funds for capital projects in FY 2019-20.

    If you have projects that you think MHRSB should consider, please complete “Community Capital PROJECT WORSHEET for FY 19-20” that is attached below.  You should submit a separate form for each project to Mark Robinson (  MHRSB will submit the application for Lucas County to include all projects submitted by local providers.

    If you have any questions regarding either of these two projects, please call either Mark Robinson or Tim Goyer at the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Lucas County. 

    See attachments below:


    Memo from Ohio MHAS


    FY 18 Capital Request-Recovery Housing