Lucas County Behavioral Health Crisis Services RFP

Thank you for your interest in our crisis care system.  Due to a recent Court ruling, we are required to suspend the interview portion of our RFP process.  We will keep you informed when there are further updates.  We appreciate your patience and commitment. – Updated 03/23/2021

**Letter of Intent Deadline has been extended until December 31st, 2020.

All questions are to be submitted to

For more information on the RFP process please view Crisis Services RFP Presentation Briefing.

Details regarding the project deliverables and submission criteria can be found in the RFP Framework.

Lucas County Crisis Services RFP Framework – December 15 2020

Crisis Services RFP Acknowledgement Addendum December 15 2020

RFP Response – Lucas County Crisis Services 

Bidders Conference Recording

Crisis Services RFP Q&A – Final Question and Answer with Clarification Updated December 23 2020

Our Mission is to cultivate a high-quality network of resources that inspires personal recovery and promotes mental wellness for Lucas County residents.